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Epic Failure: Man Jumps Into Frozen Pool (VIDEO)

A man jumps into a frozen swimming pool, but the ice didn’t crack.

The would-be daredevil who is believed to be from Germany attempted the icescapade.

The man and his two friends were in a backyard when they decided to dive into the icy pool.

The man wore boxers as he looks over the frozen pool he was about to jump into. He seems confident seconds before his jump as one of the images show.

The man then runs towards the pool and jumps. He attempted to put himself into a “bomb” position hoping to smash into the ice.

Unfortunately, the man soon finds out that the ice was hard as a rock.

As the man moans in pain, his friends couldn’t contain their laughter.

The man shows off a bit of confidence just before his epic jump
He runs….
And jumps….
And lands…. on frozen hard ice

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  • Madeline

    Oh, Did this man know what he is doing?

  • JhonX

    He couldn’t realize that, it’ll be so hard like stone instead of soft water 😉 lolzzz

  • Xamtion

    Poetic Darwin Justice would have been that the ice breaks and he fall though just as he’s attempting to step back off the ice.

  • Rayan

    That was hilarious!!

  • Mahbub

    He must suffer 1 week or more for his Bravery.. lollll 😉

  • LoliPop

    I’m surprised he didn’t test the ice with a stick first. His tail bone must be bruised if not cracked. Huh ;0

  • Irena

    Ha..Ha..he..he… Epic fail!!!