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  • Gracia

    Money is a funny thing, I’m a lucky king..

  • Tom

    It is fun to spend money ball day long, but it hurts till you realize you have spent all for nothing lol :-(

  • Ramon

    Yeah it’s really the “Sad truth for most people” : (

  • Jane

    We need money everyday! So, we need to spend it whenever we have it on our hand lol

  • Louie

    LoL! Me too I spend my salary in just a day paying all my debt lol… It is hard to save money nowadays!

  • Lauren Swift

    I love to spend my own money in a just single day! lol

  • Karen

    Whoah over spender people! You should learn to save.. lol..

  • Marsha Sanchez

    The fruit of thy labor, is just a day to spend! :-)

  • Marielle Ford

    Money are hard to earn but so easy to spend! :-) once you have the money at hand I cannot keep myself spending it away!

  • Eden

    Absolutely! It is easy to spend right away the money in just one single day! :-)