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Father of 14 children is still a virgin

We know of a virgin mother (a.k.a virgin Mary), but how about a virgin father?

Trent Arsenault, a 36-year old California computer specialist claims to have fathered 14 children and is still a virgin. He connects with couples in the Bary area who cannot conceive on their own. He donates his sperm to them in hopes of giving them the chance to have a baby. His website lists details of his medical history including tests for sexually transmitted diseases, his diet, sperm count, and personality traits.

The Federal Drug Administration is not impressed with Arsenault’s strategy. They have taken Arsenault to court and it has been ongoing for a year. Arsenault is currently waiting for a formal hearing from the FDA. Until then, he continues to donate his sperm.

“It is helping people in need,” Arsenault told NBC News affiliate KNTV in San Francisco in December. “I don’t make any money, I don’t charge people anything. And it’s just helping childless couples have children.”

  • Adam Kimberlin

    That’s some strange news