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Femen Topless Protest @ Italian Voting Station (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

Three topless women protesters are in custody after attempting to stop former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi from voting at the polls.

The women all belong to Femen, a Ukrainian-based feminist group that bares their breasts to stage protests in support of women’s rights.


The women burst into the polling station and removed their sweaters revealing a slogan on their torsos that read “Basta Berlusconi” (Enough With Berlusconi”).



They were immediately dragged away by police from the polling station as others continued to line up to vote at the school.

Police stop an activist from the women's rights organisation Femen during a protest outside the polling station where former PM Berlusconi cast his vote in Milan

Berlusconi, who faces charges of sleeping with an underage prostitute, is attempting to make a come back in politics. But his efforts have been met with criticism by many Italians. They believe that his scandal-laden life may overshadow Italy’s economic issues.


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