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First American Laughing Championship

The first American Laughing Championship is taking place on April 26 in San Diego, California.

The competition is part of the annual conference of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor. The contest requires the competitors to make themselves and others laugh as much as possible. The audience then determines who has the most contagious laugh.


Daunte Reed, 33, is one of the dozen people competing in the Laughing Championship. He hopes to win the contest and receive the title of top laugher.

“I’ve been told I have a contagious laugh,” Reed, told the Huff Post. “It doesn’t take much to make me laugh.”

According to the contest’s organizer Canadian filmmaker Albert Nerenberg, laughers would have to go through auditions until the organizers pick the top 10. Once the top 10 had been chosen, laughers will be eliminated by having them attempt different laughs.

The contestants will have to do a belly laugh, the Alabama knee-slapper, the maniacal laugh, and the diabolical laugh.

Nerenberg said that the most difficult among the laugh types was the diabolical laugh, which requires a “good diaphragm.” The goal is to make the audience laugh with your laugh whereas the other laugh types require someone else to get the audience laughing.

  • Peter Jons

    Am sure the competition will be full of laughter.

  • Paloma Jack

    I would also like to join the competition.

  • Shaloma

    This is a good competition, It will inspire the audience the importance of living a happy life.