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Flash Mob Feast In New York

Thousands of people dressed in white gathered in New York to join a flash mob feast.

Seems like people are tired of the same old flash mob dance so this group assembled to have a feast instead.

People knew that they were supposed to be dressed in white, but had no idea where they were having the feast that day. Hundreds of them rode the subway carrying chairs, drinks, food, and booze.

The location was only revealed minutes before the feast started.

The first New York flash mob or mass picnic was held in Lincoln Center.

Apparently, this gathering had been going on in Paris for 20 years. Now, it has held mass picnics in over 20 cities.

It has become so popular that the waiting list for this event has 30,000 people. The lucky three thousand people were able to get in on a first come first serve basis.

The cost of the feast was an affordable $25 per person. Not bad for filet mignon and salmon dinner.flash mob feast held at the Lincoln Center in New York

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