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Florida High School Murder-for-hire Plot

teacher in court for murder-for-hire-plotA high school teacher in Florida allegedly plotted to kill former colleague.

James Pepe, 55, was a teacher at Bloomington High School. He was arrested last week for plotting to harm former colleague, Robert Meredith.

The recorded conversation was played during Pepe’s bond hearing. In the tape, Pepe is heard saying, “I want him killed; all right.”

According to reports, Pepe believed Meredith was spreading rumours about him. One such rumour was that Pepe was a child molester.

Meredith told investigators that he was afraid for his safety. He now teaches in another school. He did not show up for court on Saturday.

Police believe that Pepe wanted revenge on Meredith for spreading “nasty” rumours about him.

Pepe tried to hire a friend to do the deed, but the friend reported it to authorities. Police has arrested him and is behind bars.

  • Yoga Lee

    Shame to this bloody teacher.

  • Irena

    What a teacher !!! Huhhh!!!

  • Samia

    It seems he is a bad man and a bad man can do everything like that. Killing someone is obviously a great sin but people do this anytime, anywhere. So, I think it isn’t a rumours that he is a child molester. Police should punished him for such types of nasty work from him as he is a teacher. If a teacher do stuff like that, then what the student can learn from them. Murder ??? Huhhh!!! You are a mad man Mr. James Pepe.

    • Rushdi

      Exactly!! Agree with you.

  • Alicia Hamilton

    Why is it there are people who wants to hurt each other? This post simply says that too much anger would lead to great problem! James Pepe I think still lucky for his evil plans was not put into action! It is a great sin to kill anybody.

    • Lyssa

      Alicia you have a point! It is not nice to do an act when you are angry. It may cause a great disaster!

  • Lauren Swift

    Too bad, a teacher was caught in that wrong doing! Professionals should not act like that!

  • Madeline

    OMG the fact that he is a teacher he would think an erroneous doing like that! It is better you are in jail, so that no one would dare to follow your wrong actions!

  • Mae

    What happened to people nowadays, Planning to kill someone seems easy…? :-(

  • Louie

    It isn’t good to kill someone! especially just because of someone is “spreading a nasty rumors about you”. We have laws to follow, why not gather your evidences first then sue him. Too bad Pepe, you are in jail for your illogical plans.

  • Eden

    He was caught by his own action! It is not really good to kill someone.