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Ghadafi’s wedding ring and bloody shirt for sale

Personal effects of the former Libryan leader Col. Moammar Gadhafi are up for sale.

Ahmed Warfali, a man from Libya, claims to possess the Ghadafi’s wedding ring and bloodied shirt the ousted leader wore the day he was found by rebels.

Warfali is reportedly selling it for $2 million. He believes that he could easily sell it for more if he could sell it in Europe.

The ring is a simple silver ring engraved with Sept. 10, 1970, Ghadafi’s wedding anniversary. Facebook and online debates emerged when knowledge of this sale spread on the web.

“The ring does not belong to Gadhafi,” one person wrote on a Facebook wall for people from the town of Zintan. “It’s Libyan money and this guy should not sell the ring.”

One person wrote “Well you can sell Saif for 20 billion dollars, if you do not want the guy to sell the ring.”

Saif al-Islam is Ghadafi’s son who is being held by local forces in Zintan. Libya has yet to create a stable government after the fall of Ghadafi. Militias which headed the revolt refuse to give up their weapons and continue to fight for power over Libya.