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Girl Dies At Daycare

Savannah Cross died of her injuries after abuse at a daycare.


Savannah had a tough life. Her father left because he has post traumatic syndrome and claimed he didn’t want to hurt her. Her mother, Ashley, abandoned her at a home day care centre where daycare provider Ryan Reed and Allison Clements abused the little girl instead of calling children services.

Day care owners charged
Day care owners charged

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 11.16.00 AMSavannah’s mother last saw her daughter was on Thanksgiving.

Ryan Reed abused the little girl beating her from head to toe. The night before she died, Reed stomped on her stomach and left her in pain the whole night.

The little girl died of her injuries. Authorities have not yet charged Savannah’s mother, but police say that it is a possibility.

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  • JONS

    It was her parent’s fault for abandoned her in a day care center,the fact that they had problems do not justify this action and should be prosecuted.

  • Joyce

    Maybe this is ignorance from daycare authorities children needs extra attention and care.

  • Paloma

    What a pit !The girl was so young to die.But all in all we have to accept Gods will.