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Girl Gets Stainless Steel Crowns On All Her Teeth (VIDEO)

An Arizona mom was shocked to see what their dentist did to her four-year-old daughter.

Alecia White took her daughter, Savannah, to the dentist where they found out that she had four cavities. So, Alecia allowed the dentist to fill Savannah’s cavities.

After the procedure, Savannah came home and to her parents’ surprise found her whole mouth capped with stainless steel crowns.


Alecia and her husband could not believe that they took their daughter in for a simple filling and got stainless steel crowns instead. Savannah says she was not happy with her teeth.

According to Richard Chain, another dentist, said all of the caps were necessary.

Dr. Chain told CNN that although he was surprised at first, he found that the crowns were necessary. He said that her teeth were more susceptible to decay and that is why it was done.

Another dentist who heard Savannah’s story offered to give Savannah white crowns for free.

Savannah is now happy with her new teeth.

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  • fagmaclw309i

    fuck you all idiots. he was doing hes job now kiss my ass.

  • Grolia

    The dentist didn’t act like a professional

  • Anastacia

    Would that dentist like the same done to his child without his knowledge? i don,t think so,

  • Adries

    The dentist was not supposed to put the crowns before consulting the parents

  • Asharvin

    I don’t any issue with stainless crowns.

  • Richard

    Those doctors should not have done so without the parents consent.