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Girl Sucks On Her Used Tampon (VIDEO+ PICS)

A teen captures herself on video while sucking on a used tampon.


The teen girl goes in front of the camera to tell viewers what she was about to do. She tells the camera that she will be sucking on tampon she has just recently used.


It’s unclear why she did this. Some say she did it to get “likes” on Facebook.

But who would “like” this kinds of stuff?

Apparently there are people who do. There are blogs out there that talk about these types of habits and it seems they quite enjoy it.

What do you think of this video?

Giovanna Plowman picture 1 Giovanna Plowman picture 2 Giovanna Plowman picture 3 Giovanna Plowman picture 4 Giovanna Plowman picture 5 Giovanna Plowman picture 6

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  • mklxwi

    Why the fuck does she say that this is disguising and gross then fucking sucks on it?

    Attention seeking fat cunt, if she wanted attention so bad maybe she should of just gone into a career in porn? What a desperate swine.

  • Anonymous

    fucking sick bitch

  • Gracia

    Maybe she wants to get likes on Facebook and go viral

  • Tittary

    But why did she suck on it? Nasty joke

  • Kevin

    Mentally sick, I guess!

  • Daniel

    Was too horny in that time!!

  • Fatema

    May be she wants to taste her ***** 😉 lol!!

  • Fatema

    May be she want to taste her ***** 😉 lol!!