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Brampton Girl Hates Brown People (VIDEO)

As we try hard to get rid of racism in society, it is disappointing to see that it is still around. Sometimes we feel that we have made progress away from racism. However, this young girl proves that racism is still going strong.

People need to be educated about it that way someday we can live in a world where no one looks at skin color.

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  • dusbinboy

    she looks like a demented owl, …. omg shes dumb

  • Skitzoblade

    wow this chick is dumb

  • Chinx

    Wassup wit her eyebrows!?!?

  • TK

    If she dislikes brown people, perhaps she should ask her parents to relocate. Brampton is pretty chock full o’brown peeps lol!!

    With that said, there are ignorant people in every race. And every generation has at least one idiot who seems to think they were the first to come up with such an awesome rant.

    I’d say, grow up, move out of Brampton (perhaps to a country where death and destruction is a daily routine) and learn just a little about compassion and tolerance.

  • Guest

    Why don’t YOU go back to YOUR country? The original occupants of the land are the Natives.
    You are so ignorant.

    • guest

      i have nothing against natives hell my girl friend is native but like i always tell her we went to war we kicked your ass so stop your bitching and pay some taxes

  • Jen

    She is simply a young teen speaking her mind.  I neither condemn or condone her rant, but this is Canada, a country where free speech is allowed. 

  • dont care.

    You’re an absolute idiot. Do you actually know how stupid you sound lol Oh so, every brown person is a terrorist? The world could do with less people like you,

  • Boop

    I hate people with stupid eyebrows. >_>

  • Boom

    Instead of moaning go back if you hate it, I am not going to be racist back because i’ll be as bad as you.

  • Thomasjaffray

    go fuck yourself