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Girl With Rare Disorder Gets Free Surgery (PHOTOS)

A girl born with a rare genetic disorder was offered surgery for free.

Katie Renfroe was diagnosed with megalencephaly before she was even born. The condition causes some of her facial features to be abnormallly large.

Katie also suffered from seizures as much as 50 times a day. Part of brain has been removed when she was an infant to control them.

“All we know is we give her all the love, all the attention we know how to give her,” says her mother Angie Renfroe.

“We’ve never treated her like she has a handicap.”

When Angie was pregnant with Katie, the doctors noticed that the baby’s head was ‘oddly’ shaped. After a few more visits to the doctor, they were given the name of Katie’s disorder.

Katie is now 4 years old. The family says they have never gotten used to the way strangers respond to their little girl. Some are kind, some stare, and some make comments that hurt.

The family will be going to Hollywood, Florida where a surgeon at Memorial Hospital will perform the first of many surgeries.

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  • LoliPop

    Guyz.. Please pray for her.

  • Masum

    Just wondering to see this poor baby :(

  • Hannah

    Thanks to the doctor.

  • Povoloski

    Don’t worry baby. You’ll be okay soon :)

  • Irena

    OMG! This is first time while I see her!

  • Bolt

    Just prayed for this baby!

  • Liz

    Ohhhh!! Poor baby :(