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New App Stalks Girls! “Girls Around Me” App

“Girls Around Me” App is the creepiest app ever invented.

The app uses location data from Foursquare and Facebook to show photos of women nearby.

The Moscow-based I-Free, developed the app and brags about it on their website.

Their website states: “Browse photos of lovely local ladies and tap their thumbnail to find out more about them.”

The app makes use of data collected from both social network companies practically making a mass dating site even though women did not opt-in for the service.

This set off alarm bells to Foursquare developers. The company has since cut off access to the app stating that it violates privacy policies.

Although many use location sharing sites to allow friends and family to locate them, many are not pleased with this new app which allows strangers to follow them.

What do you think of this app?

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