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Car Window App (VIDEO)

man sites in rear passenger and plays with window app by GMBezalel Academy Graduate students were given a challenge by GM to create a concept for rear passenger experience.

The outcome: Windows of Opportunity Project

Not only would this be an awesome addition to a car’s luxury features it can also stop the “Are we There Yet?” syndrome. Kids will be too busy to even ask!

The apps featured in the concept are:

Apps for drawing. This allows the passenger to draw whatever they want on the window.

Otto is a lively friend that flies with you as the car drives. It interacts with the car’s speed as well. If the car goes faster, it flies faster.

Spindow allows you to view other sites around the world as if you are actually driving there.

Pond is a music sharing app that allows the passenger to share music online.

Not only does it interact with the passenger it also allows you to create and share your display.

The concept is not available yet, but we hope it would be soon.

Would you get this for your car?