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Golden Eagle Snatches Kid (VIDEO)


A Golden eagle tried to snatch a kid in Montreal, Quebec.


It’s a video that’s quickly going viral, but people are saying it’s a hoax.

Some people have broken down the video in search of debunking the authenticity of it,

A bird expert featured on CBC Radio Thursday morning said, the image of the bird in the sky was not an eagle. It was an osprey.

A twitter user points out other details like the “disappearing wing.”


What do you think? Is it fake or real?

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  • Serena Williams

    It is not possible for an Eagle to snatch a child. No matter how light the child is

  • peterson

    Real the eagle must have been very hungry while the child was very light feather like.

  • Neil

    May be it can happen, but Its something I have never heard off nor even experienced, leave alone snatching a kid, an eagle cannot even snatch a hen only a chick.

  • Arstot

    Is this really true? It is unheard off, how can an eagle grab a kid? I think its a hoax.