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Google Adds 250,000 Miles On Street View, Apple Struggles

As Apple struggles with its new Maps app, Google has added 250,000 miles of Street View.

Apple’s new maps app in iOS6 released last September replaced Google Maps for both the iPhone and iPad. However, many users criticized the lack of features, wrong locations, and worse… jumbled images.

Google released its biggest update to its Street View yesterday. It doubled the number of images and added 250,000 miles of roads worldwide. Many of the updates are in places like South Africa, Denmark, Japan, and Spain.

Google is hard pressed in quashing the Apple Maps app that it has even added places like the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taiwan and Stanley Park in Vancouver.

Apple’s new Maps app received criticism that it has nothing like the Street View app that Google has.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, apologized for the Maps app glitches two weeks ago. They have also instructed people to use Google’s Maps and gave instructions on how to create a shortcut to it through their iPhone and iPad home screens.

Eric Schmidt, Google’s chairman said,”Apple should have kept our maps.”

“The fact of the matter is they decided a long time ago to do its own maps.. What Apple has learned is that maps are really hard.”

When asked if Google would be releasing an app specifically for the iPhone, Schmidt said,”I don’t want to pre-announce products.”

And the war of the apps continues….

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  • Georgina

    You would never go wrong if you use Google for all your apps! Amazing….

  • James

    Nothing compares Google!

  • Clara

    Apple will struggle always with the service of Google.

  • Rayan

    250,000 more miles on Street View! It’s an major step forward

    • Marsha Sanchez

      I agree with you. It was indeed a major step!

  • Yoga Lee

    Google just make another revolution!

  • Duncun

    Google rocks!! Google is always ahead from Apple and that why I like this IT giant 😉