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Google “Completely Wrong” Romney Images Pop Up

When you google the words “completely wrong” apparently Romney’s pictures come up under the Image search.

According to a Google spokesman, its an unintentional result from search engine’s Google analytics. Many of Romney’s images were captioned with the popular phrase and so Google’s search results come up with them.

But that doesn’t stop Romney’s critics from laughing and making it a news headliner.

Did you try googling “completely wrong?” We surely did.

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  • Wonder Girl

    lol “completely wrong” really is for Romney.

  • Hilton

    I could imagine this was true till I try to Google it! lol It is very funny men!

  • David

    Completely Wrong indeed.. This signifies a bad omen for Romney! lol

    • Stacy

      I agree, it may be a sign! 😀 OMG please help America..

  • Sean

    Unbelievable but true! lol Thanks FTD for updating me again with this kind of info! 😀

  • Jason

    😛 I did it too..and this blog post was not joking.. lol

  • Allen

    lol I wonder what Romney would feel upon searching it to Google! He maybe yelling with anger.. 😀

  • Louie

    Why dis happened? lol I tried it also… and it is completely wrong! 😛

  • Beatrice Lewis

    Well, we surely did! lol 😛