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Google Maps to Feature Maps Inside Buildings

Google is set to add a new feature for Google Maps.

Google Maps had been a popular mapping service for the last few years. You can view streets using a bird’s eyeview, satellite view or the map view.

So, what more is there you ask?

Maps inside buildings!

“This will help you get directions not only to a building’s front door, but also through those doors to the places where you want to go inside,” Benjamin Grol wrote in a blog post. He is the product manager at Google.

Google has been testing Google Business Photos for about two years. This will feature panoramic photos of the insides of a business.

“Now you can get a feel for a restaurant or store inside as well as outside using Street View technologies,” Grol wrote.

Google is also implementing a daily-deal-like option into Google Maps.

According to Eric Rosenblum, Google’s director of product management for Google Offers, users can take advantage of daily deals, coupons and rewards. These will be integrated into the service.

He explains that daily deals offer huge discounts to consumers who pay upfront while coupons are free and give consumers a few dollars off their purchase.

The rewards program gives an incentive for consumers to buy and make use of the rewards they rack up.

The rewards program is currently being tested in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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