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Google Unveils Virtual Reality Glasses: “Project Glass”

Google unveils their virtual reality concept they call “Project Glass.”

They are eye glasses with the functionality of a smartphone.

The clear lens could display everything that an iPhone can do. It is capable of showing text messages, maps, reminders, and even video chats all of which are controlled by simple voice commands.

A video released by the company shows all these capabilities. However, Project Glass is not completed yet. Google says it released the video mainly to gather feedback from the public.

A team of engineers had been developing this technology for two years in Google’s Google X lab. The same research facility that developed a driver-less car and a space elevator.

Engineers are working on field tests to decide whether the glasses should be stand-alone or powered by a smartphone.

The look of the hardware and software are still in the early design stage. At this moment, it features a video camera and a small piece of glass over the right eye, with no lens on the left. Quite futuristic actually. It’s just like one of those Star Trek beam-me-up-Scotty devices.

The clear lenses were done intentionally because Google engineers believe that the device should not be an interruption to the user.

“We think technology should work for you — to be there when you need it and get out of your way when you don’t,” the company said on its Google+ page.

In the YouTube video released by Google, it features a guy starting his day off by putting his glasses on. For most of the day, he talks to himself [voice commands], taking pictures and getting routes to certain places. All this without interacting with other people.

Although this futuristic outlook seems awesome, we can’t help but notice the part of the concept where it should not be an interruption to the user. Reminders and Google map popups could be a distraction especially when you are crossing the street.

Wasn’t there something on the news lately about distracted texters getting into accidents?

This concept may just be an accident waiting to happen.

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  • lymeslice

    I agree, a disaster waiting to happen. 

  • Dandrdominique

    wen is it it coming out wen is the official release date

    • Fresh Til Death

      No release date announced yet