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Guards Brutally Beating Gay Student In Jamaica

2 Gay Students at the University of Technology in Jamaica were caught sexing each other. One caught by guards and was brutally beaten.

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  • Saifullah

    Ahhh.. WTF happened there!!!

  • Ricardo

    Christians… LOL

  • Adam Kimberlin

    Gay?? Good work.. I also hate gays!

    • Elly

      Me too.

  • Sheri

    That is absolutely absurd and some people are really stupid for not respecting others and other peoples lives.

  • JhonX

    Yeah, and I’m sure that if they were straight the situation would’ve been handled the same. Not, their savages violently attacking these guys because their gay. Don’t try to justify it.

  • Tim Clerk

    I think he did a great job.

  • Gracia

    Maybe Christianity is the reason for their behavior!

  • Maria

    Vary bad ;(