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Guatemalan Mob Burns Body Of Child Killer


Guatamelan vigilante revenge on child killer - burned alive in school yard
Saquil burned to death in the school yard.
Saquil's body laying in the school yard
Saquil’s body laying in the school yard

A vigilante mob of Guatemalan villagers took their revenge against a man who was accused of killing two school children with a machete. The boy, 13, was beheaded and the girl’s throat was slit.

Interior minister, Mauricio Lopez Bonilla, told reporters that a drunken Julio Saquil walked into a school in Tactic, Alta Verapaz and killed two children.

A group of teachers and local residents formed a mob and captured Saquil. They doused him with gasoline and set him on fire in the school’s patio. He burned to death.

The students who were killed were identified as Juan Armando Coy Cal, 13, and Evelyn Yanisa Saquij Bin, who was 8 years old.

Local officials said that Saquil had a history of drug and violence. However, they do not know his motive for the attack. Some believe Saquil was a gang member and served time in prison before.

According to the Daily Mail, lynch mobs are common in some areas of Guatemala especially in areas where there is not enough police presence.

In a 2011 alone, Guatemala’s human rights agency says there were at least 40 people killed by lynch mobs.

woman yells at a man tied up in a truck
Images of vigilante justice in Guatemala
man tied up on a post
Images of vigilante justice in Guatemala. This man had been tied up on a post.

woman points a knife at a person in Guatemala