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Gun Advocates: Teachers Should Carry Guns In Schools

gun-control-hand-gunIn the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy, gun violence has been in the forefront of the news in the last week.

Gun advocates say that allowing principals and teachers to carry guns can prevent tragedies like Sandy Hook.

In Wichita Falls, Texas teachers are allowed to carry guns. Students at the school say that they feel safer because their teachers are armed. School superintendent, David Thweatt, told ABC news that he is convinced that arming teachers and principals will prevent tragedies like Sandy Hook.

In a school in Tulsa, Oklahoma have armed guards patrolling the hallways.

Lawmakers like Governor Rick Perry from Texas and Representative Louie Gohmert are pushing for more guns. They argue that people should be allowed to carry guns wherever they want. Rep. Gohmert claims that if the principal at Sandy Hook Elementary School had an M-4 rifle in her office she would have been able to stop Adam Lanza.

Gun advocates point to an incident in 1997 where an armed principal stopped a 16-year-old gunman who already shot two students in a Pearl, Mississippi high school.

However, a Chicago school district focuses more on high tech security. A teacher from Middleton Middle School in Chicago said that training teachers to be sharp shooters is unrealistic. She told ABC news that she would rather have guns out of school.

Bill Bond who was a former principal in a Heath high school where a gunman killed three students in 1996 says more guns will create more problems.

What do you think of this proposed solution? Will arming school teachers and principals make schools safer?

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  • Zack

    I don,t think it,s a good idea for teachers to carry guns in schools because students will be scared hence reducing their concentration in class.