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Gunman in France killed children in cold blood

The gunman in France may have videotaped the killing of children in cold blood.

Witnesses say that the gunman had a camera hanging from his neck during the shootings at a Jewish sch0ol in Toulouse, France.

As children waited outside for a bus to take them to school, the gunman pulled up and drew his pistol around 8 am Monday.

Gabriel and Arieh Sander, three and six, were the first ones shot. Their father, Rabbi Jonathan Sandler (featured photo), was also shot dead. According to reports, the killer switched pistols when it jammed and continued to chase children in the school.

Miriam Monsonego (photo), who was the school principal’s daughter, was cornered and shot by the killer. Witnesses say two more bullets were fired at the girl as she lay dying on the floor.

A 17-year-old student was also shot during the killer’s rampage. The student is in critical condition at the hospital while four others were seriously wounded during the attacks.

“He killed those children in cold blood, like dogs” said a witness quoted by the Times newspaper.

“Our thoughts are with these shattered families, with this mother who at the same moment lost her children and her husband, with the director of the school who saw his daughter die before his eyes,” said President Nicolas Sarkozy. “Barbarism, savagery, cruelty cannot win. Hate cannot win.”

The killer is linked to similar killings reported in the same week which left three soldiers dead.

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