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Guy Solves Rubik’s Cube While Juggling (VIDEO)

Unbelievable video of Sir Ravi the Juggler solving Rubik’s cube while juggling!

Have you ever tried to solve Rubik’s cube? Difficult isn’t it?

Well, for those who have solved it… try solving it like this guy did. He solved Rubik’s cube in 90 seconds while juggling.

Watch how he casually juggles and tells the people that he’s actually solving Rubik’s cube.

And you thought you were smart?

At first we thought, ‘wow this dude is awesome’.. and he is. However, we found others who can do the same thing.

Watch Rubik’s Cube Juggling videos here:

David Calvo Juggles and solves Rubik’s cube

Macky solves Rubik’s cube while juggling two apples on other hand

Shotoro “Macky” Makisumi Solve the Rubik’s Cube While Juggling from Carey Anthony on Vimeo.

  • Daniel Franklin

    It just cant be a hoax…these guys are good!!

  • Clifford Wanenonli

    Wow!! That is amazing!

  • Hannah Peters

    Wish i could learn how to do that!!

  • Fridah Kyles

    They must be geniuses !!

  • Jacob Applebee

    That’s cool stuff!!