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Harlem Residents React To “Harlem Shake” (VIDEO)

The “Harlem Shake” is the newest dance craze that has taken over the internet in recent weeks.

It has recently reached No. 1 on the iTunes chart and has had dozens of YouTube videos uploaded of people going crazy for about 30 seconds of the dance.


harlem shake

Filmmaker, Chris McGuire wanted to see if Harlem residents approve of the “Harlem Shake”, so he goes to the streets of Harlem to ask them.

McGuire went to 125th street, which is considered the heart of Harlem, and asked several people about what they thought about the “Harlem Shake”.

Many of the Harlem residents were not impressed and clearly disappointed by what they saw. Some even demonstrated how to properly perform the “Harlem Shake”.

Below are just some of the comments from people McGuire spoke to:

“ is making us look bad”

“I think they’re misinformed”

“I think they’re trying to disrespect us”

“An absolute mockery of what it was”

“it’s an injustice”

“We take it seriously, its not a dance, its really a lifestyle”

The video ends with “Please Use The Harlem Shake Responsibly”.

What do you think of the “Harlem Shake”?

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  • Abigeal Roy

    I don,t understand a thing about this dance