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Headphones That Can Read Minds (VIDEO)

Headphones that can read your mood?

Neurowear announced that they are developing headphones that can sense the type of mood you’re in and play just the right music for you.


The headphones will feature an electroencephalography-enabled sensor, which is a sensor that can read brain waves. The sensors built-in to the headphones can read your mind and will work with an iPhone app to pick which music to play.

In the video, the device called the Mico headphone demonstrated how it chooses music according to a person’s mood. The video promises “music inspiration from your subconsciousness.”


If you feel happy, Mico will pick a happy tune. If you’re feeling depressed… well.. it could very well pick something depressing. In that case, Mico may not be as good as it sounds.

At this time, the built-in EEG technology in the headphones can only detect three moods: focused, drowsy and stressed.


For the headphones to sense your mood, a sensor attached to the headphone is pressed to your forehead. The moment you start walking fast or a strand of hair gets in the way, the sensor gets disrupted.

Although Mico may still need to work on a few things, it’s still pretty cool to have headphones that could read your mind.

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  • Abigeal Roy

    Who invented this technology? he or she must be a genius

  • Ruth Jons

    It would sound better to me if when one is depressed it will play songs to cheer one up

  • Micheal don

    This technology is so awesome