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High School Boy Wants To Be Prom Queen

A teenage high school boy from Mcclintock High School wants to be prom queen.

River Flannery is not gay, but has reasons why he wants to run as prom queen.

He says he is standing up for people who are unable to do so for themselves. He hopes that this would be an inspiration for them. He is referring to homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgender students.

The School administrators said rules are rules. Students vote for girls for prom queen and vote for boys for prom king.

River says he received the most votes, but was disqualified by school administrators.

According to Linda Littell from the Tempe school District, if the old rules were to be challenged, it should have been addressed beforehand which it wasn’t.

Some students believe Flannery should have been able to do it. Others don’t see the point of what he’s trying to address.

Although he’s already been disqualified, he says it is his right to run for prom queen and will not give up.

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