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Hoarders: Most Disgusting House in America

Hoarding is a pattern of behavior characterized by excessive “collecting” of materials and unable to discard the objects they have collected. objects may range from collectibles, antiques to trash.

Hoarders features Mary, who has been living in a filthy household for a long time. She owns 15 cats and lives in a house full of animal feces along with her own. The bathroom isĀ  covered with dried up fecal matter that Hoarders therapist could not stand the sight and smell of it!

Worse yet, Mary became ill during filming of Hoarders due to fumes in the home. Paramedics removed her from the house
through a window. County building inspectors has since condemned the home.

Viewer beware: no scary movie can match the horror in one’s face when you see this house.

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