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Holiday Cheer: Landlord Christmas Generosity (PHOTO)

A landlord sent letters to all the tenants to spread holiday generosity.

The letter was sent thanking the tenants for staying with the company and offered a discount on their rent for December.

“Please deduct $70 from your regular rent for the month of December and perhaps use those monies to purchase a gift for someone special in your life.”

The letter was posted on Reddit and has since gone viral.

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  • Rayan

    My landlord is the same, absolutely a lovely guy.

  • Kevin

    That was very nice of him. good guy!

  • Sheri

    Ok, but how much IS the rent, normally?

  • Hannah

    This is an awesome gift. Wish my landlord would do the same!

  • Daniel

    Better than nothing. Glad some people still have a heart!