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Hot Problems (Music Video) – Double Take



On April 15, 2012, a video was uploaded on a youtube channel titled “Hot Problems (official single) – Double Take” produced by “OldBaileyProductions.”

It features two teenage girls singing about how “hot” they are and the problems they experience because of it. The video received 1.8 million views within days.

As it reached 1 million views, it caught the attention of CNN, MTV, and a Toronto radio station Kiss 92.5. All invited the girls for an interview.

The controversy surrounding this video is that if it was created as a joke or satire. However, everyone agrees that the girls’ out-of-tune singing was definitely horrible.

OldBaileyProductions stated that they did not create any of the audio or lyrics for the video.

“We produced the video as a favor for a young sibling of one of our friends.” But as the video took in more viewers, they changed their youtube page as “the official Double Take” site.

Drew and Lauren are the two teenagers singing in the video. Both are seniors at a California highschool. Connor Abrams, a film student at Cal State Northridge, may be behind Old Bailey Productions. He also graduated from the same high school.

The girls nor Old Bailey productions have admitted if the video was created as a joke. But none of parties involved expected the video to go viral.

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  • devis

    I just don’t get it Are these girls crazy or what

  • Miyoko

    couldn’t watch the whole thing

  • Tanya Duncan

    What did I just hear? : $

  • JD

    Yup. Worst song ever. Rebecca Black was way better. Just sayin

  • Jimmy

    This song sucks!

  • Deandre


  • Adeline Selina

    This is a prime example that not everyone should make music. yea I know they probably did it as a joke put still, now they have scarred us for life.

  • Wendell

    Well the girls are pretty hot, the suck not so much

  • Ghilly MusicFeak Anderson

    ….oh sweet Lord…….why??

  • Mtnmama2012

    I should have listened to you!  5 seconds of my life I’ll never get back!  YIKES!