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  • Olga

    The baby is so cute, their questions are really very hard to answer. I’ll need to research for that… lol

  • Lovina

    I was thinking too what’s baby oil made of? lol

  • Marsha Sanchez

    Babies have always many questions left unanswered. I do not know the answer too. :-)

  • Sheena

    I think hard too. All I know, it is best for babies. lolz…

  • Adam Kimberlin

    They are the king of thinking 😉

  • Tittery

    Babies are live in the world of fantasy. Their thinking knows no rules. I like babies and like to think like them!!

  • Sheri

    Baby oil is comes from Babies! Easy loll

  • Leo

    Yeaahh!! It’s a great matter of thinking !!!

  • Knijov Dimitri

    Baby Einstein !! lol