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  • Michelle

    Her eyes are glazing just like a doll! She is very pretty… :-)

  • JhonX

    The dolls like kids are really cute !!

  • David

    wow I was amazed with this kid beautiful-doll-like looks! :-)

  • William B

    I always like the kids and of course the cute kids like them. Hope they all will be happy with their family.

  • Rayan

    Great !!! Those kids are really like a doll. I love them all :)

  • Kelly Johnson

    Her mother must be proud to have a beautiful doll-look-alike child! Her eyes and hair makes her stand out even more!

  • Lyssa

    I can’t help myself adoring this little girl! Lovely and indeed looks like a doll!

  • Hillary

    She is definitely real! Oh.. I love her…

  • Sheena

    OMG she is perfect! I want to have a kid look like hers! :-)

  • Lynne Smith

    Very lovely! She was blessed with a real beauty!