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Hypersonic Jets Coming in 2020

Hypersonic flights are still in the works after the Concorde was shut down in 2003. 

The Concorde was the ultimate status symbol for jet setters. It traveled twice the speed of sound which allowed people to fly from London to New York in about three and a half hours. That is half the time commercial airlines fly between the two cities.

Many thought that the Concorde would be the last of its kind in this century. However, there are aviation manufacturers who want to bring them back. Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Aerion are working on supersonic technology. They are hoping to produce and offer supersonic business jets by 2020.

These next generation jets are being designed to travel 5 or 6 times the speed of sound which is much faster than the Concorde. The flight between London and New York could take about an hour with these new generation jets.

The downside of this is that the jets would use more fuel and just like the Concorde will have the issue of the ‘boom’.

The ‘boom’ was a deterrent for countries to allow overland travel with the Concorde. Speeds over Mach 1 would cause a sonic boom which could be heard for miles.

For the next generation of hypersonic jets, this is still a barrier. Manufacturers would like to see the jets travel overland instead of being stuck with transatlantic flights. A quieter spike would be preferable.

Even with higher speeds and newer technology be ready to pay a premium to travel in these jets.

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  • Yoga Lee

    What a speed !! Wish to ride in this jets 😉