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IKEA Makes an All-In-One Entertainment Center – Uppleva

Many households have several items plugged into their entertainment center. You have your TV, cable boxes, DVD players, wireless router and mounds of wiring that looks pretty messy.

IKEA understands your dilemma and has now created a solution for your entertainment center.

The IKEA Uppleva Entertainment center has a built-in HDTV along with a blu-ray and DVD player plus other features.

“This is not a tv, and it’s not a piece of furniture either,” a woman says in the promotional video. “It’s all in one, and we call it Uppleva.”

Uppleva is Swedish for “to experience.”

The full HDTV has all the necessary inputs that you need and all of it with just one remote control. It has internet capabilities and wireless subwoofer that can be easily moved around.

The flat-panel HDTV is manufactured by RCA which features a full 1080p resolution screen and 400Hz refresh rate.

Expected retail price of the package? Around $960 and up depending on the screen size.

On top of that, IKEA gave it 5 year guarantee included in the price.

Would you buy the IKEA Uppleva?