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iPhone 5 Line Ups (PHOTOS)

iPhone 5 line up in New York City
Line up in New York City
iPhone 5 line up in Sydney, Australia
Line up in Sydney, Australia

An iPhone 5 fever has hit worldwide as the phone goes on sale tomorrow September 21st.

People dying to get the gadget lined up in New York, Tokyo, Sydney, London, and several other cities.

Fans have camped outside shops pining for the coveted iPhone 5. The smartphones will hit the shelves in 34 shops in nine countries starting from 8 am.

The phone is thinner and lighter than previous models and has a faster 4G network. It’s been called the best smartphone ever made after its unveiling last week.

Online pre-orders hit a record breaking two million orders. According to Apple, demand is so high that many customers will probably have to wait until October for theirs.

It’s been predicted that Apple will sell 10 million phones in the first few days. They’re also predicting 50 million sales by Christmas 2012.

Will you be getting an iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 line up - girl wearing a robotic costume
A girl wore a robotic costume while waiting for the iPhone 5 release
iPhone 5 line up in Tokyo
Line up in Tokyo, Japan

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  • Rushdi

    iPhone 5 is my dream. But, it’s price is too high to buy one as I’m still a student and I haven’t enough money to purchase one :( I love Apple but no way.. :(

  • Sheri

    I’m not a crazy guy of Apple products like them. So, sadly I’ve to say that, I’ve not purchased the iPhone 5 ….