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Iran Finger Cutting Images Released Warning: Graphic ( PHOTOS)


Graphic photos showing the public amputation of a man’s fingers in Iran have been released.

The man convicted of theft wore a green sweat-suit as he was shown being led to a finger-amputation machine. His identity was not released. The man is reportedly convicted of theft and adultery in the city of Shiraz.


He was blindfolded and was led towards the machine by three officials wearing black hoods.

As two of the hooded men held his arms, the third official placed his finger in the amputation machine.


Other news outlets report that the man had been sentenced to three years in prison and 99 lashes.

Strict punishments are expected to increase in Iran according to the city’s district public prosecutor, Ali Alghasi. Many believe that it is the government’s “scare tactic” since elections are getting close.

Human rights groups have also warned about the escalation of public punishments in Iran.

Just last week, two men convicted of mugging at knife point were sent to their deaths. Although, the victim was unharmed, the pair were hanged without blindfolds from a crane in Tehran.

Many find it even more disturbing that while these executions are held in public places, people who witness them seem to cheer the executioners on.

“What is so alarming about this video is the apparent normality of the event. Thousands of people are watching as if it were a football match. People are shouting and cheering. But what is most shocking is the participation of children in this barbaric ‘spectacle’,” Iranian human rights activist, Fazel Hawramy told The Guardian.


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  • Paloma

    How will he serve his sentence without his fingers. I pity him,

  • Forstin

    He deserved it, if he did the right thing, nobody could have punished him.

  • Dancan

    I believe they are better punishment than amputation and hunging

  • Ashami

    This is inhuman, Unbelievable