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Jennifer Lopez 2012 Oscar super-sheer dress (video)

Jennifer Lopez, her curves, and perhaps her nipple? graced the red carpet last night at the 2012 Oscars.

The “On The Floor” singer wore a barely-there dress. Her curvaceous body hug tightly by super sheer, ultra low-cut Zuhair Murad dress that caught everyone’s attention.

She and Cameron Diaz presented an award for Best Costume Design. And while she shifted position on-stage, her nipple might have shifted to take a peek at the audience as well.

What did you think of Jennifer Lopez fashion at the Oscars?

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  • Albertrichards78

    as  far as i,m concerned, it is what it is. there are those out there that have 2 expose themselves 2 feel adequate in this human race lmao

  • JonTon Carlson

    12 billion human nipples grace the earth’s surface, and J-Lo’s one nippy may or may not have been aired on live television… so… sad….

    • Anisoara

      Wow, you can say all that to me and I can’t voice my opinion. This is America and I can say what I want. You don’t know annyihtg about my life, but hey, this is America so say what you want. But don’t if you want to offer advice, let me offer you some, grow up and don’t come at people like that because you might be talking to the wrong bitch one day and get that ass kicked. Internet thugs make me sick. Fuck her and fuck you too.