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Jennifer Lopez Wardrobe Malfunction (PHOTOS)

Jennifer Lopez suffered a wardrobe malfunction while performing at a concert in Italy.

She was wearing a skin-tight, glittery jumpsuit that hugged her curves all the right way.

However, when the singer raised her arms during her performance her top let her boob pop out giving the audience a peek at her nip.

The nip slip didn’t stop JLo from completing her routine. She continued dancing and singing as if the nip slip didn’t happen.

Check out the photos of Jennifer Lopez’s nip-slip here:

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  • Sheri

    People who watch this kinda media are stupid apes.

  • Duncun

    Another malfunction here 😉 At least it’s nothing like what Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson did at Super Bowl years ago, Lopez fixed her problem here. :)

  • Rayan

    ‘Push up’ that tit anymore, Nice ‘gumdrop’ BTW:)

  • Fatema

    This is just an accident.

  • Favio

    Ohhh :( Pardon me Lopez, by any chance, do you have 2 nipples for a dime ?