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Joseph Kony interview

Joseph Kony has eluded capture from Ugandan officials for 20 years.

In a video interview he answered accusations of kidnapping, rape, prostitution, and murder. He claims images of children mutilated were the government’s propaganda.

He calls himself a freedom fighter who is fighting for freedom in Uganda. He stated that he fights for democracy. He the people to elect their leader.

The government says Kony controls his army using his distorted Christianity beliefs and brutality. He believes in spirits talking to him.

With fighting occurring in the jungles of Uganda, it is only a matter of time until Kony slips back into the bushes and disappear for a long time.

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  • Pjgorta99

    They should have captured him then! Why did’nt they? I just can’t amagine that there is this man talking with one of the biggest criminals in the world and that he didn’t have any plan to kill him then…