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Judge Texted Naked Picture To Married Woman

A husband found a photo of a nearly nude man in his wife’s cellphone and was quite upset.

The names of the woman who received the text and her husband were not mentioned by myFox Detroit.

According to the husband, the image was sent to his wife by her boss.

Her boss? Detroit 3rd Circuit Judge Wade McCree.

When asked by My Fox about the picture, Judge McCree seemed quite pleased with himself. He is adamant that he did nothing wrong.

The husband plans to file a complaint with the Prosecutor Office and Judicial Commission about the judge’s misconduct.

Sexting is dangerous for political careers. Just a few months ago Congressman Anthony Weiner lost his career in politics after almost-naked photos of him surfaced on the internet.

The irony of it is that Judge McCree looks after sex misconducts and pornography cases.

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