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Junior Seau Dead: Possible Suicide

Twelve-time Pro Bowl NFL player Junior Seau died in a shooting in his home.

According to news outlet, gunshots were reportedly heard at Seau’s home in Oceanside, California Wednesday morning.

TMZ was able to confirm from Law enforcement sources that Seau was found dead in his home. An investigation is underway for a possible shooting.

According to San Diego Union-Tribune a 911 call was made at around 10 a.m. San Diego time indicating that a suicide may have occurred.

By Wednesday afternoon, NBCSanDiego reported that a police source confirmed that Seau committed suicide.

Seau suffered a gunshot wound to the chest which caused his death. His suicide have similarities to the suicide death of former Chicago Bears player Dave Duerson in 2011 according to the Associated Press.

Duerson was convinced that his NFL career caused damage to his brain. His fatal chest wound allowed doctors to study his brain thoroughly to determine damage to it.

Mike Wilbon in a PTI episode, spoke about the death of Seau. He suggests that Seau may have suspected that he suffered from the same trauma as Duerson.

NC Times reported that police did not find a suicide note from Junior Seau’s home. It is difficult to say what drove him to commit suicide.

The San Diego Chargers released a statement regarding the death of Seau:

“Everyone at the Chargers is in complete shock and disbelief right now. We ask everyone to stop what they’re doing and send their prayers to Junior and his family.”

Team member remembers Seau:

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