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Justin Bieber Grabbing Fan’s Boobs

The trend of Bieber rebellion continues with what appears to be the young singer casually groping a female fan, at a meet and greet in Miami. Clearly the singer decided to live it up on the last night of his US tour. The photo featured below was posted on the teen idols site but was promptly removed. Of course this being the internet the picture shall live on in infamy.


The girl’s face says it all, with an expression that screams “yep this is happening…nothing I can do about it.” While some commenters feel that the photo is either photoshopped, or that the girl must have been ecstatic and over the moon. I guess going to the moon is less exciting than it once was. Another view is that perhaps it was an accidental grope, which is of course possible, but with Bieber’s new-found attempts at being belligerent it may be harder for that explanation to fly whether it is true or not. The teen sensation has claimed that he has been having a hard time getting over his break-up, and is not “in the happiest place that [he’s] ever been.” Being in the public eye cannot be pleasant when going through a personal low however, that should perhaps mean not looking for the cure for heart break inside another teenager’s chest. Alas all the groping in the world cannot cure a broken heart.


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  • Natalia

    An idol or not he also have feelings

  • Carl’s

    May be the boobs were to sweet for him to resist

  • Grolia

    That is not the way to relieve himself from a heart break.