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Justin Bieber Sued For Stolen Credit Card

A man claiming to be Selena Gomez’ father is suing Justin Bieber for stealing his credit card.

TMZ reported that a man from Michigan claiming to be Gomez’ father is suing Bieber with “bogus” allegations.

The claim includes:

– Bibeber owed him $426.78 which Bieber supposedly used to pay for Selena’s abortion. The man said Bieber got his “daughter pregnant” on his “Canadian bear rug.”

– He also claims Usher came to his house during the fourth of July and sodomized him with fireworks while blaring Katy Perry’s “Fireworks song” in his ear.

-The man said that Bieber gave Selana STD and stole his credit card to buy drugs for himself and Sean P. Diddy Combs.

-And Bieber got a penis enlargement using his stolen American Express card.

The man concludes his claims with “I’m an emotional mess… America must boycott Bieber’s music.”

Clearly the allegations are all untrue. The man being in an “emotional mess” is probably the only thing real about this lawsuit.

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