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Justin Bieber Turns 19 (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber turns 19, parties with rumoured new girlfriend and other ladies.

Justin is in London performing for his world tour. Just before his Birmingham gig, he wrote on his twitter page: ‘gonna chill and get ready for this show. last show as an 18 year old.’


After the show, he tweeted: ‘Great show!!! Now gonna go celebrate 19!! Thanks.’



The now 19-year-old headed to his London hotel after performing his gig in Birmingham on Thursday night. Even with the wintery weather in London, the teen decided to go shirtless as he walked towards the hotel entrance. Then he quickly changed in a beige sweater and black shirt and was off to the members-only after-hours club, BLC.



Aspiring British singer and Justin’s rumoured girlfriend, Ella-Paige Roberts-Clarke, attended the late night birthday bash. She was spotted arriving at the nightclub wearing black skinny jeans and leather biker jacket. She held onto a friend while walking past the paparazzi.

But Ella-Paige isn’t the only girl who celebrated Justin’s 19th birthday. Several ladies joined the group for the late night party.


Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 12.17.12 PM
It seems Justin made a lot of friends in London just by the number of ladies arriving at the party.

Partying all night does make you hungry. After a few hours of partying, the gang left BLC and showed up at a Lebanese restaurant to munch on kebabs.

The group then headed back to Justin’s London hotel at 6:30 am.



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  • Sharon Purity

    Gosh! He is so handsome!

  • Johnson Joseph

    Go Bieber go!!

  • William Stephens

    Fascinating how he attracts the ladies

  • Philip Jacob

    Dude turned 19t!! That was fast!

  • Moses Todd

    We now expect big things from him now that he is maturing up