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Kai: Hatchet-Wielding Hero Sings “Wagon Wheel” (VIDEO)

Kai the hatchet-wielding homeless guy, who saved a woman’s life sings his rendition of “Wagon Wheel”.

Not only does he have skills with a hatchet, he can sing too!


A video of Kai singing while chilling on a beach in Vernon, British Columbia was posted on the web recently.

Playing a little green ukelele he sings “Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show.

The video’s uploader, DurmasRFG writes:

“I was sitting on the beach with some friends in Vernon BC in the summer of 2012. I was jamming on my guitar when this free-spirited hippie comes along and starts spreading the love. He broke out his little green ukelele, sat down beside his skateboard and started hammering out songs. As fast as he sat down and joined us, he got up and left to resume his free-wheeling ways. He didn’t strike me as the kind of guy that could easily cross borders but America let him in and good thing because Jesus needed to be tamed.”

One of the ladies started dancing behind Kai as he jammed with his ukelele.

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  • Dalumas Nick

    This Kai man doesn’t look like an entertainer, he looks like a thug

  • carol

    he’s got a nice tune… i like the music despite the fact that he saved a life

  • benjamin

    ukelele is noise back in my place….LOL!! :-)