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Kanye West Wears Strange Masks At Concert (VIDEO)

Strange outfits had been popularized by Lady Gaga in recent years, so who’s the next celebrity to jump into the bandwagon? Kanye West!


In Kanye West’s recent performance at the Revel Hotel, Reosrt & Casino in Atlantic City, the artist wore masks that goes along with his winter-themed act.



He wore a white disco-ball like mask and then changed to a mask made of white feathers.

It seems some people found it odd, but others think Kanye’s masks were awesome.

What do you think?

Watch some of Kanye’s performance here:


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  • Juliet

    Kanye in a mask!OH NO he looks like a ghost

  • James

    He looks very funny.

  • Eric

    .What an unique way to make a performance.

  • Greggory

    Poor kanye really,realy!

  • Poxey

    Not a good way to entertain his fans.