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Kate Upton Sexy Photos: Contributor Magazine

kate upton wearing a black and white striped dress posing seductively

New photos of Kate Upton are up!

Kate Upton left her bikinis at home this time as she posed for the August 2012 issue of Contributor Magazine.

Posing with skimpy outfits isn’t anything new for the blonde bombshell. In previous photo shoots she wore mostly bikinis.

The new photos for Contributor Magazine feature Kate barely wearing anything at all. One of the new photos shows Kate wearing only jewelry while lounging seductively on a bed.

Another one of the sexy photos show Kate wearing a white blazer with what seems to be nothing else for the bottom half of her body. It’s anyone’s guess if she wore a thong for that photo or not.

Check out the photos from Contributor Magazine:
kate upton posing nude on bed kate upton posing sexy
kate upton posting seductively with long white and black dress

kate upton wearing only a white blazer and nothing else


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