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Kids In Indonesia Risk Their Lives To Go To School (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

Kids in an Indonesian village risk their lives every day to get to school.

Kids as young as 9 years old risk their lives to cross a 160 meter broken bridge just to get to school.

Flooding had caused destruction in their village which also destroyed two bridges.

The children were filmed hoping the local government will take action to fix the bridge quickly.

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  • Adam Kimberlin

    Children in Detroit risk their lives to get to school too.

  • Hannah

    Ohhh! Heart touching facts :( The government of Indonesia should take a look there.

  • Povoloski

    Kind of puts the old “When I was your age I walked five miles to school in the snow” routine to shame.

  • Irena

    Dear God, can’t some multi-billionaire use some of their pocket change to fix this bridge for these precious children? Shouldn’t this be a requirement to get into heaven?

  • Clara

    If one of these children dies because of a fall, was what’s on the other side of that bridge worth it?

  • Yoga Lee

    I believe this is known as “building character” and a “learning experience”.

  • Mahbub

    Nobody to blame here but the PARENTS. There is another bridge 15 minute away.

  • Tim Clerk

    Here, a crack in the sidewalk is enough for some kids to stay home from school.

  • Mark Fuller

    There will be some red bottoms when the parents learn of this.

  • Meski

    Hmm, and kids here in the U.S. skip school and return to their comfy beds :(