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Kim Kardashian Boobs (Almost) Pop Out (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian boobs almost pop out warming up for a boat race in Miami.

The 31-year-old reality star wore a fitted work out suit with a plunging neckline. While doing some stretching exercises, her boob almost pop out from her shirt.

Kim, Kris, step-dad Bruce, and sister Kourtney hung out on the waterside while they warmed up for the race.

After warm-ups, the family received a crash course for rowing before they hit the water.

Kim and Kris were in one boat while Bruce and Kourtney were in another.

The two teams raced in the 250m sprint where Team Kim lost to Team Kourtney.

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  • Bolt

    Almost pops out :( Waiting to see her full boobs 😉

    • Tim Clerk

      Am also waiting for that…

  • Ramon

    It seems that, she was not in care with her boobs at that time 😉

  • Clara

    Juicy boobs absolutely ! But, I don’t like this types of giant stuff. Anyway, great shot !!

  • Duncun

    He might be disappointed to think about her career and the photographer took this chance to capture her with nearly flash out boobs 😉

  • Tim Clerk

    WTF is going on Kim?? I love her but I don’t think she needs to keep showing off her body on camera. Really sad

  • Tittery

    Her boob size is just perfect. No bigger, no smaller

  • Keti

    How does the paparazzi’s get her at the right poses?

  • Favio

    Nice figure Kim.
    I like her boobs 😉 They can pop out anytime

  • JhonX

    Again Kim :( She maybe likes to show up her “Big” boobs to her fans

  • Vanity Poe

    Kim’s boobs are really huge! Maybe due to that they lost the game to team Kourtney! just maybe the loss was “too heavy” on her chest lol